Company Overview

Contributing almost fifty years of service to the mining industry, Team Mixing Technologies Inc. has created a new line of fully-automated material handling systems. Cemented Rockfill Plants (CRF), and wet or dry mix Concrete Batch Plants, in addition to complex pumping and delivery systems are only part of our capabilities.

Team Mixing Technologies Inc. develops concepts tailored for each project and has assembled an experienced and dedicated staff capable of design, fabrication, erection and commissioning of automated systems. Above all, Team provides complete project services, from engineering to hands-on training and supports its plants with full CAD documentation, electrical drawings, operating manuals and spare parts.

Colloidal Mixers

A truly innovative approach to underground rockfilling is found in our Tornado series of CRF systems developed by Team Mixing Technologies Inc. These plants feature high shear colloidal mixers, operate totally unattended, and are truly self-cleaning, requiring an absolute minimum of attention beyond routine maintenance. The mixing characteristics of the colloidal mixer can reduce cement consumption by up to 55% with no loss in rockfill strength. These features, combined with rugged construction provide a plant capable of tremendous savings in labour and material.

Automated Systems

Team Mixing Technologies Inc. is particularly proud of its state of the art automated systems, utilizing PLC (programmable logic controllers), touch-screen controls, as well as P.C. controls, all designed and manufactured in-house.

Team Mixing Technologies Inc's automated systems are found from Cominco Limited's "Polaris Mine", north of the 75th parallel, to the Peruvian Andes in South America, and from manufacturing plants, producing fiber cement cedar shakes, to underground mining operations in the USA, Canada, South America and Africa.