Colloidal Mixers

Colloidal Mixers

Cost Saving

Optimum Mixing

Compact Footprint

Automated Self-cleaning Option




Bi-Component Grout Plants

Bentonite Plants

TBM Injection Systems



Cemented Rockfill Plants

Pastefill Plants

Dry Bulk Shotcrete Plants

Civil Projects

  • Concrete Plants
  • Grout Plants
  • Pumping Systems
  • Ready mix batch plants


  • Cemented Rockfill Plants
  • Dry Bulk Shotcrete Plants
  • Pastefill Plants
  • Pumping Systems
  • Wet Mix Concrete/Shotcrete


  • Bentonite Plants
  • Bi-Component Grout Plants
  • Lightweight Cellular Grout Plants
  • Pumping Systems
  • TBM Injection Systems


Team Mixing Technologies is proud of its state of the art automated systems, utilizing PLC (programmable Logic controllers), touch-screen controls, as well as P.C. controls, which are all designed and manufactured in-house.


Team Mixing Technologies has the ability to design and fabricate any and all types of projects that are unique to your plant. With our team you can either provide us with your own drawings then watch them come to life or you can take advantage of our engineering team to design, detail, and fabricate any shape and size of steel.

Material Handling/Storage

Team Mixing Technologies offers many types of material handling products. Our fabrication shop designs and creates Belt Conveyors, Screw Conveyors, Dust Collection Systems, Silos, Storage Hoppers and Bins.

We are Global

Check out where our plants are located around the globe.


Company Overview

Contributing almost fifty years of service to the mining industry, Team Mixing Technologies Inc. has created a new line of fully-automated material handling/Storage systems, CRF plants, wet or dry mix concrete plants, and pumping and delivery systems.

Used/Rental Equipment

Need a piece of equipment but don’t want the hassle of designing it or don’t have the time to wait for it to be fabricated? Team Mixing Technologies offers used equipment that has been cleaned up to get back into the field again. But what if your project is only going to last 6-12 months? Team Mixing Technologies can offer rental equipment for those short period projects. Check out our listing for used/rental equipment that are available on our services page.

Our Colloidal mixers outperform Paddle mixers across the board!

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