ACT Mobile Grout Plant



Advanced Construction Techniques
Diavik Mine
Lac de Gras, NWT, Canada

6 m3/hr



  • Conceptual Design
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Design & Supply of Control System
  • Supply/Fabrication of All Equipment
  • Commissioning and Training


  • Two Modified 40’ Containers mounted on Modified Trailer Chassis
  • Two Colloidal Mixers
  • Four Agitation Tanks
  • Three Moyno Pumps
  • Bulk Bag Unloader
  • Admix System
  • Control Room with MCC/PLC System
  • Pneumatic Control System
  • Dust Collector
  • HVAC System
  • Onboard Generator and Compressor
  • Fuel and Water Storage
  • All Required Piping and Valving

This plant is a self-contained, mobile grout production plant, consisting of two roadworthy containers joined as a single unit on-site. The on-board control room oversees automated grout production and monitors and records pumping data. Once on-site, the plant may tow as a single unit.

Cement is delivered via bulk bags to the plant at the bulk-bag unloader, external to the main structure. Admixtures, etc. are loaded on board by forklift and water is supplied from external sources, heated, when required.

Two Moyno progressive cavity pumps supply grout in various mixtures at varying pressures and flow rates to the boreholes. A third identical backup pump is used for water testing boreholes prior to grouting. Grout batching is fully automated and re-batches upon demand leaving the operator(s) free to concentrate on pump pressures, flows, and data processing. At the control console, a color touchscreen displays dynamic graphics of the batch process.

This entire custom plant was designed, fabricated, assembled, programmed, and tested in approximately 2 ½ months.