Schnabel Radios & Pumps



Schnabel Foundation Company
Sterling, Virginia

36 m3/hr



  • Conceptual Design & Engineering
  • Fabrication
  • Control System Expansion
  • Field Installation
  • Commissioning and Training


  • Heavy DutyPump Skid
  • Four Progressive Cavity Pumps
  • Motors and Gearboxes
  • Manifold Piping
  • Pump VFDs
  • Radio Controls
  • HMI (for crane operator) 

Team Mixing Technologies previously supplied a grout plant to the Schnabel Foundation Company. As part of a plant upgrade, five Banner Surecross DX80 radio units were added to remotely control a new pump skid which incorporates four progressive cavity pumps. These pumps were added to provide individual grout control for four large soil mixing augers.

At the plant, slurry is automatically produced in the colloidal mixer upon demand and discharged to an agitation tank which then feeds the four pumps. A crane operator then injects this cementitious slurry into the native soil as the augers are drilled earthward. This process improves ground conditions for construction.

Pump control is via an HMI within the crane cab, with the touchscreen displaying VFD speeds, slurry flow rates and totalized flow. The operator may in turn, start & stop and adjust the flow rates by adjusting the four pump VFDs. These functions are transmitted via radio frequency and are fully capable of operating even up to 1,800 ft. of separation between the crane and the plant itself.