ACT Super Cube



Advanced Construction Techniques
Clearwater Dam Project
Piedmont, Missouri, USA

9 m3/hr


  • Conceptual Design
  • Structural/Mechanical Engineering
  • Design & Supply of Control System
  • Supply/Fabrication of all Equipment
  • Commissioning and Training


  • 1000 liter Colloidal Mixer
  • Two 2100 liter Agitation Tanks
  • Two PCP Pumps with VFD control
  • Two Peristaltic Pump Admix Systems
  • Hydrated Bentonite Feed Pump
  • Micro-Admix Powder Feeder
  • Five Mag-Flow Meters
  • All Required Piping and Valving
  • PLC and MCC Control Panels
  • Framed Skid

Seepage has been occurring at the Clearwater Dam since its completion in 1948, primarily due to its dolomitic bedrock which is highly fractured and subject to wear and erosion. The US Army Corp of Engineers awarded Advanced Construction Techniques the contract for Phase 1 of the dam rehabilitation project which consists of drilling holes through the dam and into the underlying rock to find and fill any cavities, grout fractures in the rock, and determine how deep the Phase 2 concrete cutoff wall needs to be constructed to limit the seepage and protect the dam.

ACT engaged Team Mixing Technologies to design and construct two identical fully automated grout mixing plants capable of interfacing with their proprietary IntelliGrout monitoring system for batch recording purposes.

The units provided consist of a high shear colloidal mixer, twin agitation tanks with dedicated progressive cavity pumps, and dosing systems for two liquid admixes, one powder feed and hydrated bentonite. An innovative feedback system automatically adapts the speed of the grout pump to changing flow and pressure conditions down the hole.