Coeur Palmarejo (CRF Plant)



Coeur Mexicana
Palmarejo Mine, Mexico

16 m3 slurry per hour

SERVICES PROVIDED (complete plant)

  • Conceptual Design
  • Structural/Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Design
  • Procurement
  • Fabrication
  • Commissioning/Training & Site-Support

SUPPLIED EQUIPMENT Surface Slurry & Binder System

  • Tornado 1350 Colloidal Mixing System
  • 3200 liter Agitation Tank
  • Two 150 ton Silos
  • Feed Screw Conveyors
  • Weigh Hopper (to dry powder borehole)
  • Admix Dosing System
  • Slurry Transfer Piping (to slurry borehole)
  • MCC/PLC Control System
  • Pulse-Jet Dust Collection System
  • Pneumatic Controls

Located in the Sierra Madre mountains of northern Mexico, the Palmarejo Mine is the flagship of Coeur’s underground mining operations. As cemented rockfill (CRF) was critical to the success of the mine, Coeur elected to commission Team Mixing Technologies Inc. to design, engineer, fabricate and commission an underground backfill plant with a surface colloidal mixer based slurry system.


The surface operation is unique in that either colloidally mixed slurry can be delivered underground to the mixing plant via a borehole or dry binder (cement and/or flyash) can be dropped down a 10” pipeline to an underground hopper which then feeds the mixer.

The incorporation of the slurry system allowed CRF to be produced a year ahead of completion of the underground installation. Slurry was delivered to an underground “pig-pen” whereby a scooptram mixed the slurry and aggregate together to form the fill.

Underground and surface plants communicate via a dedicated fibre optic line. Automatic water purges and wash batches ensure the mixer and borehole line remains clean.


Coeur Mexicana
Palmarejo Mine, Mexico

SIZE / CAPACITY CRF Production Capacity

200 tonne/hr


  • Aggregate Silo Expanding Flow Hopper
  • 1200 tph Apron Feeder
  • 1000 tph Mixer Feed Conveyor
  • Simem MSO12000 Twin Shaft Mixer
  • Mixer High Pressure Wash System
  • Mixer Structural Steel
  • Maintenance Platforms, Steps & Ladders
  • Cement Powder Weigh Hopper
  • Water Weigh Hopper
  • Bridge Crane
  • 2 Pulse-Jet Dust Collection Systems
  • MCC/PLC Control System
  • Pneumatic System
  • Control Room with Lighting & HVAC


Crushed and screened aggregate is prepared on surface and delivered underground via a raise to an underground excavated silo. The silo transitions into an expanding flow hopper from which a 1000 tph apron feeder transfers aggregate to a belt conveyor, with weigh scales, for charging the 12m3 twin-shaft CRF batch mixer. The mixer is elevated to provide drive-through access for the haul trucks.

In normal operation cement slurry is delivered from surface directly into the twin shaft mixer. However, the plant also has a cement/flyash weigh hopper and water weigh hopper if dry binder is delivered underground from surface. This option is available if the aggregate is very wet or the slurry plant requires maintenance.

Separate pulse-jet dust collection systems are used for aggregate dust and cement/flyash dust. Dust is reclaimed to the belt conveyor feeding the mixer.