QuadraFNX Podolsky Mine (CRF Slurry Plant)



QuadraFNX Mining Ltd.
Podolsky Mine
Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

16 m3/hour slurry


  • Conceptual Design
  • Structural/Mechanical Engineering
  • Design & Supply of Control System
  • Supply/Fabrication of all Equipment
  • Commissioning and Training


  • 150t Capacity Silo
  • 1000 cfm Dust Collection System
  • Feed Screw Conveyor
  • Tornado 1350 Colloidal Mixer
  • 2 x 3200 Liter Agitation Tanks
  • 4000 Litre Agitation Tank
  • Intermediate Piston Pump & Powerpack
  • 2 x 3200 Liter Agitation Tanks
  • 2 x Centrifugal Slurry Transfer Pumps
  • 2 x Slurry Magflow Meters
  • PLC/HMI & Programming
  • Slurry Magflow Meter
  • Radio Remote Batch Call System

The Podolsky copper-nickel-PGE mine is located on the rim of the Sudbury basin approximately 20 miles northeast of Sudbury. The Podolsky property was acquired by FNX Mining from Inco and renamed (formerly the Norman mine) in September 2004 in honour of Terry Podolsky, a distinguished Inco geologist from 1954 until his retirement in 1990.

Team Mixing was contracted by Golder Associates to design and construct a surface slurry CRF plant along with two underground agitation tanks and dispensing systems to spray slurry onto awaiting haul trucks. Later, an intermediate agitation tank and piston pump system was supplied to move the slurry to outlying regions of the mine.

The surface and underground equipment communicate via Ethernet TCP/IP protocols and include automated diverter valve assemblies to direct slurry to the appropriate underground agitation tank.

Radio remote controls allow the truck driver to call a slurry batch. The entire system is automated with no operators.