Newmont Midas (Dynatec Ken Snyder) Slurry Plant



Dynatec Mining Limited
Ken Snyder Mine
Midas, Nevada, USA

16 m3 /hr


  • Conceptual Design
  • Structural/Mechanical Engineering
  • Design & Supply of Control System
  • Supply/Fabrication of all Equipment
  • Supervision of Equipment Installation
  • Commissioning and Training


  • 1000 liter Colloidal Mixer
  • Cement Storage Hopper
  • Three Screw Conveyors
  • Dust Collection System
  • Slurry Dispensing Head
  • Bulk Bag Unloader
  • MCC/PLC System
  • Pneumatic Control System
  • All Required Piping and Valving

Located in Midas, Nevada, this underground gold mine utilizes a compact Thiessen Tornado 1000 CRF plant for production of slurry for cemented rockfill.

This plant is located underground and was designed to break down for frequent transport by the mine personnel. The plant therefore features quick disconnects for all electrical and pneumatic connections.

As with all Tornado systems, this plant features a high shear colloidal mixer, runs unattended and is totally self-cleaning. The unit is controlled using a Modicon PLC and touchscreen.

Because of the distance from the surface, bulk cement bags are used for supply and the plant includes a bulk bag unloader with a storage hopper, and a screw conveyor to feed cement powder to the main plant.