Bentonite Plants

Team Mixing Bentonite Plants are designed to mix powdered bentonite and water to create homogenous bentonite slurries.  The plants are fully automated to ensure consistent quality and reliable delivery.  Two types of mixing technologies are used depending on the application:  Continuous venturi mixers for high capacity throughput (> 60m3/hr) and colloidal batch mixers for lower capacity (< 60m3/hr) and col/hr) higher quality mixes.  It is recommended that the venturi mixers are coupled with hydration tanks to allow for hydration and storage.  Bentonite slurries from colloidal mixers can be used immediately after mixing.

Grout Plants

Team Mixing Grout Plants are engineered and built to efficiently mix water, cementitious powders, pozzolans and admixtures.  Colloidal mixers form the core of the plant design and deliver fully homogenous mixes allowing for optimum utilization of mix ingredients.  The plants are fully automated and designed to operate with minimal operator intervention.  All materials are automatically metered per operator set-up and each batch is electronically logged.  Importantly, the mix process includes a self-cleaning cycle to ensure increased equipment availability and longer continuous run times which reduces maintenance.

Team Mixing plants are built for the global market and manufactured to international codes and specifications required for your project.  Please see our full line of storage, agitation and pumping products to complete your grout system.