Belt Conveyors

Team Mixing Technologies designs and fabricates belt conveyors as stand-alone units or as components in larger systems. TMT uses the latest design software in manufacturing both channel frame and truss conveyors to CEMA standards.

Features and Options

  • Screw or gravity take-ups.
  • Catwalks, railings and covers.
  • Various range of belt scrapers.
  • Optional V-belt drive or geared motor configurations.
  • Crowned and lagged head pulleys.
  • Plain crowned or self-cleaning tail pulleys.
  • Integral backstops for inclined conveyors.



  • Emergency stops, start-up alarms, and pull-cord switches.
  • Drive guards and removable guards at pinch points.
  • TMT also manufactures flat feeder conveyors, weigh-belts, radial stackers, shuttle conveyors, reversing conveyors, and ascending/hold-down conveyors.
  • Common Idlers include impact, troughing, training, flat, or flat return.  Other idlers are also available.
  • Soft-starts and Variable-Frequency Drives are commonly used for precise control where required on specific conveyors.
  • Team machines all conveyor shafting in-house and uses the highest quality pulleys available.
  • Zero-speed switches and plug detectors are used for cascading belt conveyors along with other devices.
  • Complete assembly of conveyor drives, pulleys, idlers, scrapers, and ancillary equipment prior to shipping.

Screw Conveyors

Team Mixing Technologies designs, fabricates, and assembles custom screw conveyors to meet project and client requirements.  Working closely with screw conveyor component suppliers, TMT selects and purchases all components required for a specific application, then fabricates the conveyor trough, inlets & outlets, and support stands.  The components are then assembled into a complete screw conveyor assembly, tested and shipped to the client. Team Mixing Technologies can also supply replacement parts for any screw conveying application.


  • Team Mixing Technologies utilizes the latest design software.
  • Careful selection and implementation of screw conveyor designs.
  • Screws may be manufactured with both tubular and trough housings.
  • Frequently combine reduced pitch with full pitch to suit feed conditions.
  • Attention is paid to seal arrangements at both the drive and bearing ends.
  • Helicoid and Sectional flights may be used in both left and right handing.
  • Bolted wear-plate flights or hardened flights are available for high abrasion applications.
  • For specialized applications, heat resistant, wide trough and square trough screws are available.
  • Stainless steel screw conveyors are also available.
  • Screw conveyors can be supplied in converging, reversing and mixing screw arrangements.