Team Mixing Technologies designs and fabricates bulk storage silos commonly used for cement, flyash, silica fume, limestone, silica sand, and other fine grained materials.

Features and Advantages

  • 100% seal-welded, inside and out.
  • Constant scrutiny by an in-house CWB inspector.
  • Matching leg-sets, designed to suit any configuration.
  • Integral charge-lines and wiring conduits.
  • Integral hanger frames for weigh hoppers.
  • Standard caged-ladders, puffing stations, and railings.
  • Access platforms integrated into the leg-sets.
  • Silos generally include external sintered-bronze aeration networks with filters. No separate aeration blowers or internal aeration components are required.
  • Point-level sensing with Radio Frequency (RF) probes positioned adjacent to the ladder for easy access.
  • Continuous level sensing with Ultrasonic Sensors.
  • Pulse-jet dust collectors located on the silo roof.
  • Pressure relief valves.
  • Access hatches.
  • Butterfly valves with integral actuators.
  • Silos are supplied with provisions for quick removal of discharge valves even while the silo is loaded.
  • For special flow conditions, sonic lances may be incorporated into the silo to induce flow.

Size Range

  • From small 40 to 120 ton units to very large, high capacity custom silos to suit any application.