Team Mixing Technologies designs and fabricates bulk storage silos commonly used for cement, flyash, silica fume, limestone, silica sand, and other fine grained materials.

Features and Advantages

  • 100% seal-welded, inside and out.
  • Constant scrutiny by an in-house CWB inspector.
  • Matching leg-sets, designed to suit any configuration.
  • Integral charge-lines and wiring conduits.
  • Integral hanger frames for weigh hoppers.
  • Standard caged-ladders, puffing stations, and railings.
  • Access platforms integrated into the leg-sets.
  • Silos generally include external sintered-bronze aeration networks with filters. No separate aeration blowers or internal aeration components are required.
  • Point-level sensing with Radio Frequency (RF) probes positioned adjacent to the ladder for easy access.
  • Continuous level sensing with Ultrasonic Sensors.
  • Pulse-jet dust collectors located on the silo roof.
  • Pressure relief valves.
  • Access hatches.
  • Butterfly valves with integral actuators.
  • Silos are supplied with provisions for quick removal of discharge valves even while the silo is loaded.
  • For special flow conditions, sonic lances may be incorporated into the silo to induce flow.

Size Range

  • From small 40 to 120 ton units to very large, high capacity custom silos to suit any application.

Hoppers and Bins

Storage Hoppers and Bins

Team Mixing Technologies designs and fabricates hoppers and bins for numerous material handling applications.


  • All Bins and Hoppers are inspected by an in-house CWB inspector prior to finishing.
  • All bins and hoppers are designed for quick and complete discharge utilizing either mass flow or funnel flow configurations.
  • Aggregate hoppers generally include bolted or welded carbide overlay wear plates or hardened wear plates.
  • All cementitious, enclosed hoppers are 100% seal-welded to ensure leak-free service.
  • Cementitious hoppers include butterfly valves with integral actuators and external sintered-bronze aeration networks with filters.
  • Hoppers and bins are frequently suspended on multiple load cells.
  • Liquid level sensing is frequently attained using fulcrum points and a single load-cell.
  • Aggregate bins and hoppers often use TMT’s double clamshell gates or feeder conveyors.
  • Electric or pneumatic vibrators are provided as required.
  • Blast aerators may also be used in difficult conditions.
  • For underground mining applications, bins and hoppers often ‘break down’ for transport.
  • Bins and Hoppers generally include Lifting & assembly lugs, load cell and vibrator mounts.

Size Range

  • Small micro-ingredient hoppers.
  • 1300 ton underground aggregate bins utilizing apron feeders and handling aggregate in excess of 8”.

In underground mining applications, where portability and compactness are essential, TMT developed the ‘Backpack’ dust collection system, where the dust collector is integrated into the rear of the cement bin. This configuration eliminates the need for a separate housing, support steel, ladders and platform, airlock feeder, and dust reclamation screw conveyor.