Peristaltic Pumps

Team Mixing’s Boa Series of peristaltic pumps offer one of the highest pressure ratings in the industry at 2.5 MPa (360 psi) with a wide range of sizes to meet your pumping requirements. Boa peristaltic pumps are self priming and can be run dry. They offer the advantage of keeping cement based slurries and grouts away from all moving parts. The only contact is with the natural rubber tube.

These heavy duty pumps utilize rollers on the main rotor assembly to squeeze the tube. This minimizes frictional resistance which in turn extends the life of the tube and allows the maximum pressures to be generated.

Tube maintenance is quick and easy as the pump casing does not have to be opened. Simply remove the end clamps, slide the new tube in and apply grease to the tube and roller.

Model Max Pressure Maximum Continuous Duty Output1 RPM Maximum Intermittent Duty Output1 RPM Power Performance Curve Chart
Boa TPP-100 2.5 MPa

(350 psi)

420 litre/min

(110 USgpm)

30 560 litre/min

(148 USgpm)

40 40 hp

(30 kW)

Boa TPP-85 2.5 MPa

(350 psi)

245 litre/min

(65 USgpm)

30 325 litre/min

(85 USgpm)

40 30 hp

(22 kW)

Boa TPP-65 2.5 MPa

(350 psi)

116 litre/min

(31 USgpm)

30 150 litre/min

(40 USgpm)

40 20 hp

(15 kW)

Boa TPP-50 2.5 MPa

(350 psi)

70 litre/min

(19 USgpm)

35 95 litre/min

(25 USgpm)

45 10 hp

(7.5 kW)

Boa TPP-42 2.5 MPa

(350 psi)

43 litre/min

(11 USgpm)

35 57 litre/min

(15 USgpm)

45 7.5 hp

(5.6 kW)

Boa TPP-32 2.5 MPa

(350 psi)

24 litre/min

(6 USgpm)

35 32 litre/min

(8 USgpm)

45 3 hp

(2.2 kW)


1. Measured at 0.3 MPa (45 psi) pressure.

Piston Pumps

Team Mixing’s Piston pumps are used in high pressure applications to convey cement based grouts and hydrated bentonite in mining and tunnelling applications. The pumps are designed to pump on both sides of the piston stroke to maximize throughput and minimize the equipment footprint.  The Mocol HL pump is manufactured by Colcrete Eurodrill in the UK whereas the RDP series are Team Mixing’s proprietary design and are manufactured locally. The RDP series features a maintenance friendly design that allows the piston seals to be replaced without disassembly of the piston tube.


Model Description Max Output Max Pressure Power Max Pressure at Full Flow
RDP 40X Double Ended Single Piston 48 m3/hr

(211 gpm)

7 MPa

(1000 psi)

125 hp

(93 kW)

RDP 40 Double Ended Single Piston 40 m3/hr

(176 gpm)

7 MPa

(1000 psi)

100 hp

(75 kW)

RDP 30X Double Ended Single Piston 35 m3/hr

(154 gpm)

7 MPa

(1000 psi)

100 hp

(75 kW)

RDP 30 Double Ended Single Piston 30 m3/hr

(132 gpm)

7 MPa

(1000 psi)

75 hp

(56 kW)

Mocol HL Double acting piston 12 m3/hr

(53 gpm)

10 MPa

(1450 psi)

50 hp

(37 kW)

Other Pumps

Team Mixing Technologies Inc. also utilizes other types of pumps depending on particular applications, including centrifugal, diaphragm and progressive cavity pumps.

For more information on the different types of pumps and brands that Team Mixing Technologies has to offer, please click on the below logos.

Centrifugal Pumps
Diaphragm Pumps
Progressive Cavity Pumps