Team Mixing Technologies has been continuing to look for ways to expand the use of colloidal mixers in the mining and tunnelling industry. TMT has come up with a new opportunity for potential customers to be a part of TMT community by providing rental colloidal mixing plants.

These rental plants are available for projects that run between 6-12 months then once completed the plant would be returned for cleanup and maintenance then right back out into the field for the next project. This opportunity allows customers to recognize the quality and advantages of using colloidal mixers without the hassle of purchasing a plant to then divide and/or liquidated at the end of the project.

We offer the “Rolls Royce of Mixers” with our High Shear Colloidal mixer which is the leading colloidal mixer in the industry. Our mixers utilize a “true colloidal mill” that shears the cement particles, rather than other competitors who only simulate this shearing action with centrifugal pumps. For more information check out our projects page for a detailed description on how these machines work.

Used/Rental Equipment

We are currently sold out of all used/rental equipment.