PCS (Colloidal Plant)


Diavik (Slurry Plant)


MetalsX CRF Slurry Plant


Leeville CRF Plant


Campo Morado (CRF Plant)


Stillwater (CRF Plant)


Newmont Deep Post Slurry


Barrick Slurry Plant


Eskay Creek (CRF Plant)



Team Mixing Technologies provides state of the art mining equipment that any current or starting mining company needs to keep their mine working at top perfection or to just get the ground running with top of the line equipment.

We offer the “Rolls Royce of Mixers” with our High Shear Colloidal mixer which is the leading colloidal mixer in the industry. Our mixers utilize a “true colloidal mill” that shears the cement particles, rather than other competitors who only simulate this shearing action with centrifugal pumps. For more information check out our Colloidal Mixers page for a detailed description on how these machines work.

Hold on, that’s not all Team Mixing Technologies can do, we offer many products that can be ordered individually or together with a plant. TMT provides a large range of Material Handling equipment that any mining company would need or want. Just to name a few, we offer belt conveyors, dust collection systems, silos, steel, and our state of the art automated control systems. To find more products we offer and detailed information on what these products in tale, check out our products page.

With our products Team Mixing Technologies seeks out to give you the best that we can offer and that means our team of dedicated employees that range from electricians, engineers, programmers, to our sales, spare parts and administration agents.

In the above tabs you will find a brief description of our plants that we have supplied over the past years. To find detailed information of the plants, simply click on the name or visit our archived projects page.

Don’t forget! On our global presence page you can check out these sites on our map to see how far our plants have travelled.