Skako (Mat Hand Plant)



Skako Inc.
Mutual Materials Project
Lacey, Washington, USA

200 to 1000 tons per hour


  • Struct./Mech. Engineering
  • Supply Fabrication of all Equipment


  • Face Aggregate Receiving Conveyor
  • Face Agg. Reversing Shuttle Conveyor
  • Face Aggregate Weigh Conveyor
  • Face Concrete Reversing Conveyor
  • Face Reversing Concrete Conveyors
  • Three Face Concrete Conveyors
  • Three Face Concrete Hoppers
  • Base Aggregate Receiving Conveyor
  • Base Agg. Reversing Shuttle Conveyor
  • Base Agg. Reversing Conveyor
  • Base Aggregate Weigh Conveyor
  • Base Aggregate Transfer Conveyor
  • Base Concrete Reversing Conveyor
  • Three Base Concrete Conveyors
  • Three Base Concrete Hoppers

The Material Handling Team was commissioned to detail, fabricate, and supply all mechanical components for 17 conveyors and 6 concrete holding hoppers for the Mutual Materials project in Lacey, Washington.

The capacities and sizes of the conveyors vary from 200 TPH at 18 inches wide to 1000 TPH at 42 inches wide, and are fabricated in both truss and channel conveyor arrangements.

The conveyors under the concrete mixing platform provided quite a design challenge due to the restricted space under the platform, and the various angles of incline and orientation of each of the conveyors. To overcome the complexities of this conveyor system the entire mixing platform and each conveyor was modeled in 3D within AutoCAD to ensure that the conveyors would fit once on site.